Mindset Training Institute

Mental Skills Training Program-Individual

This program is an intensive individualized program that will transform competitors into CHAMPIONS. With specific training and development of mental skills proven to reduce anxiety, build confidence and improve performance, they will become confident in their preparation and their abilities to handle anything and anyone that comes their way.

This program totals six sessions:

  • “Pregame/Warmup”
  • “1st quarter”
  • “2nd quarter“
  • “3rd quarter”
  • “4th quarter”
  • “Victory”

Meetings occur every few weeks. Athletes are encouraged to communicate directly with Dr. T throughout the process to obtain feedback as often as needed.

Individual Program Mindset Training Institute


However, like everything else, this requires attention, dedication and practice. If time and effort are devoted to developing mental skills, physical skills will improve much faster and the results will be evident. This program can be utilized in various settings to help athletes grow while active or injured. Once learned, they can even be used to help improve in other sports, school or hobbies like music or art.

Pregame/Warm-up: This initial 90-minute visit includes a thorough medical, psychiatric, developmental and athletic history. The importance of mindset training is explained and the specific program is introduced in detail. A plan is developed and expectations are clearly outlined.

1st quarter through 4th quarter: During these four sessions, the focus is on teaching the specific mental skills athletes need to reach their potential. This is an active process whereby the components are broken down to describe the technique itself, the purpose and expected outcome. Dr. T works with the participant to learn how to perform each skill and develops a program to practice between appointments. Again, athletes are encouraged to communicate directly with Dr. T between visits.

Victory: The final session begins by reviewing the skills from before and evaluating the program, progress made and creating a plan that the CHAMPION can now implement into their training going forward. On going communication and collaboration is supported.