Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

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“Tape ‘Em Up, Shape ‘Em Up”

Optimizing Care for Injured Athletes

Injury is unfortunately a large risk with competitive athletics. When athletes sustain injuries, they often require medical intervention that can range from basic measures such as rest, ice, heat, stretching, etc. to more significant measures such as surgical intervention. Treatment and recovery can impact an athlete both physically and emotionally. When an athlete fails to recover in an expected time frame despite the appropriate diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation program, sports medicine professionals are often at a loss on how to help the individual return to play.

Mental health vulnerabilities are evident in athletes as in the general population. There is also a strong correlation with the emergence of emotional or psychological issues that can develop in the context of significant injuries and directly affect the ability to participate in treatment and recover as expected.

“Tape ‘Em Up, Shape ‘Em Up: Optimizing care for injured athletes”: This program is developed for sports medicine professionals including athletic trainers, physical therapists, nurses, primary care physicians, family medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and anyone who supports the management of athletic injuries and promotes recovery.

It discusses the benefits and challenges of involvement in sports, psychiatric effects of athletic injuries, utilizing a four step model of injury recovery and how to evaluate adolescents with sports related injuries.